Do’s and Don’ts when Redesigning your Business Website


In this always connected “virtual” world of internet a business website is the next big thing to reality. Most of our surfing whether for purchase, social media, food, news etc. involves hopping around different websites and see what fits our need. And since there are lots of other websites waiting at the click of a button, the time to engage and convey the right message is very small. The best business websites understand their customers and provide as much information about the company using the least number of words. It explains to the consumer why the company is the best option to do business with and eventually solicit the consumer to buy or subscribe to the services the company offers. Redesigning a business website plays a major role to achieve these goals. It’s a continuous process and there are number of pointers you have to adhere to in order to get a reasonable number of visitors on your page and convert them into a potential lead.

Key points to Remember while Redesigning your Business Website.

Things to DO

1. Improve the general outlook of the website – The visual appearance plays a crucial role in keeping a potential consumer interested in reading a corporate website. However, make sure that you do not overdo it. The graphical appearance is important because it is the first thing a consumer will notice when he or she logs in to your web page but making it fancy and complicated can turn off your customers. So, just keep it simple and classy.

2. Pay special attention to the content – Keeping the content short, precise and informative is the way to go. With so much information available on the internet most people tend to get bored easily if you put out too much content on your website. You may also consider outsourcing or hiring out the writing job to professionals.

3. Optimize the content to get a better rating on search engines – Search engine optimization is necessary because it places your website at a much better position for consumers to stumble upon it. Make sure you have healthy content because poor content is only damaging when it comes to ranking your website on search engines.

4. Keep updating your website frequently – Business websites that are dormant experience less traffic flow compared to websites that are active and engaging with the consumer. Also be sure to provide an avenue to communicate directly with your consumers on your webpage. Doing so will instill more trust in your consumers to do business with you and also provides opportunity for you to further convince them to buy or subscribe to the services you offer.

Things to AVOID

1. Broken Links in the Website – Make sure all the links in your website are working. There is nothing more devastating than clicking on a link which does not take you to place you wanted to go. Broken links and redirecting your consumers to other irrelevant pages is something to avoid like a plague.

2. Website Crawling Blocked – Make sure that you’ve allow crawling of your website by search engines. Crawling your site equips you with the meta data, URLs and also structure of your site which are important when it comes to matching up the new site you have created.

3. No Alternate Payment Options – If you are offering paying options to your consumers it is prudent to provide more than one mode of payment. Don’t just rely on a common one like PayPal as the only mode of payment to your consumers. Providing many payment options increases the chance of buying your good/service.

4. No Feedback/Testimonial Form – Follow up on your consumers’ experience. Provide an avenue where your visitors can share their experience while they were visiting your site. Be open to positive criticisms which will help as a positive pointer on how to adjust your website accordingly so as to better serve your consumers.

5. Website too Clutter to Use – Make your website user friendly. Once again the best approach is to keep your corporate website simple and classy. Make it easy for your visitors to comfortably navigate through your corporate website. This will decrease the bounce rate and people will spend more time on your website.

6. Website Managed by Marketing Department of your Company – Most often than not, subjecting the website under the management of either one of the department will lead to a territorial fight between the two departments. Consequently the major detriment of the wrangles between the two is the website not getting the attention it deserves. Coming up with a neutral department will not only circumvent any feuds within the company but it will also foster a healthy environment for the two departments to work in tandem for the common benefit of the corporate website.

Since most of the companies/organizations are looking to spread their wings globally, it can’t get any better than employing innovative ways to market yourself because with the internet you get to have a global audience as opposed to other marketing strategies which limit your audience to a certain geographical location.

Here’s the bottom line: if you do things the right way, redesigning your business website is a positive step in achieving better traffic on your website as well as a better conversion rate. As a matter of fact, revamping your website to reach out to both your current and potential consumers is the most cost effective, if not cheapest, marketing strategy available in today’s world. So, redesign your website and enjoy the flow.